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Completion Specialists began in 1992 as COPECO, a company that provided drilling, completion, and workover engineering consulting services. From 1994 to 2003, COPECO became inactive while the owner was employed by Flores & Rucks /Ocean Energy in Lafayette, Louisiana.

In September, 2003 COPECO was reactivated and the name was changed to Completion Specialists to reflect the company’s redirected focus on providing specialized completion engineering services to oil and gas operators. Since its reactivation in 2003, Completion Specialists has provided engineering and project supervision for more than 90 projects.

In addition to our normal engineering services, Completion Specialists began offering full-scale project management services in early 2008. Since that time, we have successfully completed a total of 18 projects including land and inland water drilling, completion and workover projects. Project management services typically include project engineering and oversight, the rig, wellsite supervision, marine and shorebase support, and communications for a set daily fee. Other services can be provided as a “pass-thru” if requested.


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